Dry brushing, a winning investment for the skin and the body!


Do you want healthy, luminous, soft and silky skin? Adhered to daily dry brushing. An economical and natural way to accentuate cellular regeneration. The winter season brings with it dryness to our skin. It is therefore beneficial to remove dead cells to allow better absorption of oils and creams used for hydration. Once the dry brushing is complete, a shower is essential and we hydrate.

Dry brushing is not only regenerating for the skin, it is also a good stimulator of the lymphatic system. The stimulation will allow the drainage of toxins and metabolic waste, will provide better elimination of the latter, improve blood circulation, strengthen the immune system, prevent premature aging of the skin and help eliminate cellulite.

The preferred brushes are brushes made of natural bristles. I have a preference for vegetable brushes. The majority of natural product stores offer a nice variety, it's up to you to choose according to your preference. Personally, I like brushes with a handle to make back brushing easier. The skin of the face being much more fragile, exfoliate using an exfoliating glove.

For anyone who has never dry-brushed their skin before, it's best to start off easy. This operation is exfoliating but not irritating. The more you practice it, the more you can increase the pressure, your skin will become more resistant and will be less sensitive to pain.

Small parenthesis, dry brushing is not recommended only for women but also for men. Dear gentlemen, no more excuses and to your brushes! You have so much to gain in bodily vitality through the stimulation of your lymphatic system and your wife will greatly appreciate the softness of your skin.

To perform effective dry brushing, all you have to do is follow these little rules:

  • We always start brushing by first exfoliating the parts farthest from the heart.
    • Feet and legs first.
    • Hands and arms second.
    • The face third.
    • The torso and the back to finish.
  • Brushing is done in a circular motion.
  • We proceed gently, it is important not to create irritation.
  • We direct the movements towards the closest ganglionic chains, that is to say the groins for the parts of the body located at the bottom of the belt and for that located above the navel, we direct the movements towards the armpits.
  • We brush daily, regularity will ensure better results.

Initially, the operation will seem demanding in time but the more you repeat the operation, the more you will excel and after a few repetitions your dry brushing will only take a few minutes of your precious time.

Once the brushing is done well, we jump in the shower and we close this routine by offering hydration to our skin. It is important to use a moisturizing cream and/or serum composed of natural and organic ingredients. The skin being part of the emunctories family, will absorb any substance that we apply to it. So it is better to opt for healthy ingredients so as not to re-clog our lymphatic system. Remember that one of the goals of dry brushing is to allow the drainage of toxins and metabolic waste, so avoid adding more.

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Happy brushing everyone!

With love xxx


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