A woman of heart and a visionary!

"Essences Zen is the hope of bringing the beauty industry to consign their packaging, the hope of allowing all women, of all social classes, access to quality products to nourish their skin, the hope of offering the community care made from ingredients that are not controversial for our health and the environment.This is what drives me every day!

Every time I walk into a store, every time I look at the range of products on offer and every time I take the time to analyze single-use packaging, I can't help to question myself, to tell me how I can do better, how I can be a source of inspiration to lead the beauty industry to revolutionize itself.
My company is currently a very small drop in the ocean, but each time a client trusts me, he participates in the creation of an increasingly vast and beautiful ocean.
So I want to say thank you!"
Caroline Boyer Laquerre