Our values

The VALUES behind the ESSENCES ZEN philosophy

Essences Zen, an accessible and eco-responsible brand.

Choosing to join Essences Zen means treating yourself to eco-responsible body care. Treatments designed with concern for the environment and collective well-being. Vegan treatments not tested on animals and made from organic raw materials. It is also reasonable and accessible prices for all at the most exceptional value for money.

Let's make a difference for the earth together, bring your bottles and containers back to our boutique or one of our retailers and see them introduced back into our manufacturing cycle. We say yes to a circular economy.

Zen Essences, a culture of transparency.

Through Essences Zen we want to create a bond of trust with our customers and we will always respond with honesty, not to conclude a sale but so that you as a consumer can buy and adhere to the brand with confidence.

Essences Zen, the standards of excellence of a natural range that is good for your skin.

We carefully choose each of the elements that go into our compositions. We rigorously select all the components so that the synergy that is created in each of our jars offers customers healthy products for their skin, for us that is excellence . We always favor ingredients from organic farming. No way for us to think otherwise.
Word from the Founder:
''My training in naturopathy has greatly influenced my drinking habits. The skin is the largest organ in the human body. An emunctory that absorbs everything you apply in just a few seconds! For a long time I had the perception that I took care of my skin and yet I can tell you that it was only a “perception”. Today I know how to recognize endocrine disruptors and I make sure not to include any. We cannot have full control over certain elements that surround us, but we can have control over what we ingest and what we apply to our skin.'' - Caroline

Essences Zen, the simplicity of a highly effective vegan brand.

We have great respect for nature, fauna, flora and the animal kingdom. Our products are designed with rich elements offered by nature, no need to draw or abuse the animal kingdom. Aromatherapy and herbalism have already proven themselves for a long time. No need to test on animals.

Zen essences, products made on site in our own lab-boutique located in Granby.