Return policy


Having the satisfaction of its customers and the quality of its products at heart, Essences Zen has implemented this return policy in the event of a problem related to a product sold.


Essences Zen offers a range of products containing various ingredients. Thus, in the event of an allergic reaction to a product, the customer must inform Essences Zen in accordance with this policy. Essences Zen will then be able to take measures to support the customer, in particular by advising him of the products best suited to his condition.

Defective or damaged products during transport

Essences Zen guarantees that the products delivered to the customer are free from defects or breakage. Otherwise, Essences Zen undertakes to remedy the situation in accordance with this policy.

However, the customer is responsible for any damage to the products after receipt.

Shipping issue

Essences Zen guarantees that the products delivered comply with the order placed by the customer. Otherwise, Essences Zen undertakes to remedy the situation in accordance with this policy.

Procedure applicable to all returns

Essence Zen will accept product returns only in the cases provided for above. In any case, the customer must follow the following procedure:

1. The customer must, within 7 days of receipt of his order, send an email to Essences Zen at the following address: detailing the problem related to the purchased product;

In the case of an allergic reaction caused by an Essences Zen product, the customer has 30 days following receipt of the product to send an email to Essences Zen stating the problem.

2. The customer must provide, within the aforementioned period, the following elements:

  1. Copy of the bill ;
  2. Proof of receipt of the order;
  3. Photo of the alleged problem;

Essences Zen may, at its discretion, ask the client to provide additional documents.

In the event of the customer's refusal to provide the requested documents, Essences Zen may refuse the customer's return request;

3. Essences Zen reserves the right to decide on the appropriate remedy in the circumstances.

Essences Zen's decision will be sent to the customer by email within 10 working days of receipt of all the documents required to process the return request.

Essences Zen will ensure, at the same time, to send the customer instructions for the return, refund or exchange of the product, if applicable.

No product may be returned by a customer to Essences Zen without first obtaining authorization from the company in accordance with the procedure mentioned above.

Policy change

Essences Zen may change its return policy from time to time without notifying customers. The new return policy will then be published on the website. Customers should read the return policy regularly to be aware of any changes to it.

The fact of ordering products on the website or via the physical store located at 98 rue Principale local 2 in Granby constitutes acceptance by the customer of the return policy in force at the time of the order or delivery. 'purchase.